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Biz Workshop Duration: 2h

Turning marketing into a revenue-generating engine for services companies

Andrejs Juščenko & Rolands Ozoliņš

How to turn marketing into a revenue-generating engine for services companies

Most marketing teams are overwhelmed with work and an endless list of changing priorities. As a result, marketing efforts are spread too thin in too many directions, and it is difficult to demonstrate compelling results.

We will introduce a proven framework for establishing a systemic approach to marketing planning and execution that leads to predictable business outcomes.

Focusing on Ideal Profile Customers: a true shortcut to business growth

In business, there is rarely a hack that allows one to achieve extraordinary results, and if such a hack is identified, it is usually quickly exploited to render it ineffective. However, identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) customers and relentlessly focusing on meeting the needs of this group of customers can help you achieve extraordinary and sustainable business results. In the session, we will also explore what are the benefits of focusing on ICP, how to prepare ICP profiles and how to identify your ICP customers.

How to effectively engage technical buyers in the digital era

Research shows that technical buyers have a say in most purchase decisions made in B2B markets. Moreover, technical buyer expectations and behaviour significantly differ from those of business buyers. They are rather averse to anything they perceive as being marketing or marketing-prepared information.

Nevertheless, there is a clear path to market to this audience that we will explore in this session.

You will learn:

  • How do technology buyers make buying decisions?
  • How to identify and leverage technical communities and influencers?
  • How to use content to engage engineers and industrial buyers?

Note to founders!

As a special benefit for Web Summer Camp attendees, Andrejs and Rolands will provide 1:1 or small-group consulting workshops on Saturday 6th on the topic of building partner sales and more in-depth marketing content planning. No extra charge! ;-) 

You can book your workshop here:

Andrejs Juščenko

Andrejs Juščenko

Go-To-Market strategist @ IBD Consulting
Experienced in extensive solution sales and business development in the IT sector. Andrejs spent 11 years at Microsoft and led a transformation of the Microsoft Cloud business across 24 European countries. He helps tech companies across Europe develop and implement growth strategies.
Rolands Ozoliņš

Rolands Ozoliņš

Business growth strategist @ IBD Consulting
Brings 20 years of experience in technology marketing and business development, including over 10 years at Microsoft. Helped tens of B2B companies across Europe prepare a strategy of international expansion to attract new customers in B2B markets.

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