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PHP Workshop Duration: 2h

The How and Why of OpenAPI

Rob Allen

OpenAPI is the standard way to describe your HTTP API, adopted by most modern APIs. With the spec at the centre of your workflow, you can improve the quality of your API and development practices, and make integrations painless. With standardisation comes tooling, and in this session, I will show you to leverage this to your advantage. We'll cover what OpenAPI is, why it's interesting and how to use it. We will also look at how the OpenAPI specification enables you to create documentation, use mock servers and improve the robustness of our API with validation. This session is ideal for anyone who wants to write an API specification once and use it everywhere.


You will find it helpful if you have the following on your laptop:

  • A text editor such as vim or VSCode
  • The curl command line tool, or a visual HTTP client such as Postman

A development environment:

  • PHP 8.3
  • NodeJS 18+


npm install -g @redocly/cli 
npm install -g @stoplight/spectral-cli
npm install -g @stoplight/prism-cli

Download the package at: 

Rob Allen

Rob Allen

API and backend specialist
Software developer with many years of experience in various interesting languages. Particularly interested in APIs and the ecosystem around them. Contributes to Slim Framework, rst2pdf & Apache OpenWhisk, along with other open-source projects.

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