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PHP Workshop Duration: 2h

Locking down performance with PHPBench

Daniel Leech

PHPBench is a benchmarking tool for PHP. It allows you to accurately measure the performance of code units. It is to performance what PHPUnit is to testing and is trusted by many popular open-source projects.

In this workshop participants will add performance tests to an existing application and learn how to:

  • Setup PHPBench and create their first benchmark.
  • Increase the accuracy of the benchmark.
  • Compare performance and optimise the code.
  • Render and customise beautiful reports.
  • Dig into performance issues with KCacheGrind and XDebug.
  • Use assertions to constrain performance.

Participants will leave knowing how easy it is to start performance testing their projects!


  • PHP 8.1 installed locally
  • Git
  • Optionally: XDebug and KCacheGrind


Daniel Leech

Daniel Leech

Software Engineer
Daniel is a long-time PHP developer. Over the years he has committed himself to numerous open-source projects which include PHPBench and the Phpactor Language Server.

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