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UX Workshop Duration: 2h

Defence against the Dark Patterns: UX Lessons from the Deceptive Side of the Web

Cat Easdon

Have you ever left a website feeling scammed? Pressed 'I agree' before you even realized what you were agreeing to? If so, you've been a victim of dark patterns: UX patterns which deceive and manipulate the user. Often, the manipulation is intentional, but sometimes they creep into UX designs despite our best intentions, and so we need to actively defend against them in our work.

In this session, you'll learn about the different types of dark patterns, how they harm users, and to what extent privacy law is combating them. We'll also discuss how to tackle cases where other important design considerations, such as usability and accessibility, conflict with maximizing the user's freedom of choice.

Cat Easdon

Cat Easdon

Privacy Engineer @ Dynatrace
Engineer and researcher fascinated by the intersection of privacy, security, and tech policy. She translates law and policy into code to protect users, designing product privacy features and building privacy controls into the software development lifecycle.

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