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PHP Workshop Duration: 4h

Building Cutting-Edge CI/CD Pipelines using Dagger and PHP

Paul Dragoonis

Dagger is genuinely the next evolution of CI/CD implementation.

As a subject matter expert in CI/CD, I spent years building the perfect system to mitigate challenges we face at the tech and business level.

Now, along comes Dagger, created by Solomon, the founder of Docker. It makes so many challenges disappear, by design, and opens up so many new possibilities along the way.

In this workshop, I'll be your guide in a deep dive into Dagger-land, demonstrating how to strategically start integrating this into your existing projects and start benefiting from the awesomeness, using 100% PHP.

Say goodbye to Dockerfiles, YAML files, BASH files.

Say hello to pure PHP.


  • Docker
  • Linux or Mac (windows WSL is possible, just might not be as smooth)
  • PHP v8
  • PHPStorm or VSCode
Paul Dragoonis

Paul Dragoonis

CTO and Principal Engineer
Open-source contributor, public speaker, trainer, and consultant by trade. Member of the CD Foundation, PHP, PHP-FIG, and Jenkins projects/teams.

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