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Talk + Discussion

Audience Experience: The “WHY” of Content Management

Robert Douglass

In this content strategy session, we talk about Audience Experience — the intersection of content strategy and content management — and how to enable your clients (or yourself!) to:

  • Create content strategy,
  • Produce “good content,” and
  • Get the most out of the technical framework you give them with your CMS.

Better content management and better content strategy both lead to better Audience Experiences. You’re the experts on making your CMS sing :-) … So let’s talk about purpose-driven content.

Content is at the center of the audience experience. No content, no experience, right?

Every website we build has a purpose: to communicate with our intended audience, offer them the chance to connect with us, and take an action we suggest. The better the experience, the more likely it is for us to find the people who want and appreciate what we have to offer.

If you accept this premise, all our decisions and efforts should be put through the lens of “How does this improve the Audience Experience?”

Takeaways + Questions Answered include:

  • Improve the Audience Experiences you deliver
  • How do we define “good content”?
  • How does a team achieve good content?
  • How does your CMS/project support content strategy?
  • Who is responsible for good experiences? (Divide and conquer!)
  • How can you support your clients and teams in their mission to deliver good content?
Robert Douglass

Robert Douglass

Entrepreneur @ Open Strategy Partners
Robert Douglass is a seasoned technology executive with more than 20 years of experience in building and scaling innovative software solutions. Currently, he serves as Entrepreneur in Residence with Open Strategy Partners (OSP), a B2B strategic content marketing agency for tech product and service companies.

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