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Conference Day: A blend of design, web architecture & AI

Conference Day will once again round off the story of the latest web trends brought to you by Web Summer Camp 2024. Leading experts will share their knowledge and insights on trending topics in the digital world.

Following the excellent first edition of Conference Day 2023, this year we are bringing in new topics from the fields of design, web architecture, and AI. Last year, it was introduced for the first time, and it proved to be more than a successful innovation. It featured talks by 8 speakers from 6 different countries, which elicited exceptional responses from the participants. If you are eager to see what it was like, visit our YouTube channel to check out last year's talks.

Conference Day of 2024 includes 9 speakers who will discuss engaging topics that spark curiosity among web and digital professionals. It features a format dedicated to current web topics, ranging from UX and UI design to web architecture and AI. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest in the digital world, this is a must-attend event that brings together experts in these fields from around the globe.

What makes Conference Day stand out, and what generally makes Web Summer Camp unique compared to other regional conferences, is its highly international nature. This year, at least half of the participants are coming from across Europe and beyond. This fact is significant as it greatly enhances networking opportunities and the exchange of experiences.

Here are some of this year’s highlights and topic sets:

UX, UI & Design

Democratizing design for better collaboration by Stephanie Stimac, Igalia

Should you care about the design even if you're not a designer? Stephanie will offer an answer to this question by explaining why understanding design fundamentals can be beneficial to developers & PMs and improve the work processes with designers. You'll see what those benefits are and how they can lead to better collaboration and results.

DX, UX, UI: Things you didn't notice & how to fix them by Eleftheria Batsou, CrabNebula

In this talk, Eleftheria will provide a brief overview of DX, UX, and UI and show how developers and users perceive these concepts and roles within them. You'll have the opportunity to explore the factors that affect a positive DX, share the best practices in UX and discuss how developers can enhance their design skills.

Web Architecture

The 100 year web by Steven Pemberton, CWI

There is so much to share about the 100 year web that Steven Pemberton has compiled all these insights in his book with the same title. How historical development has shaped the web we know today, and what we can expect in its future, are some of the questions you will have the opportunity to think about by listening to Steven's talk.

Modernizing legacy apps: Platforms and strategies by Dino Esposito

Tech headlines often focus on new frameworks, but many legacy apps remain vital, operating on robust, time-tested platforms. Typically, these run on desktops or dedicated servers, not in the cloud. While developers might favour complete rewrites, management perceives risks. In this talk, Dino will discuss various platforms and strategies for modernizing legacy apps.

Evolutionary architecture: The art of making decisions by José Enrique Calderón Sanz, JP Morgan Chase

This talk explores the role of decision-making in the evolvability of architectural designs, drawing on Antoni Gaudi's work on La Sagrada Familia. It will discuss the importance of decisions in ensuring the longevity and adaptability of architecture. José will offer a toolkit of best practices to enhance architectural projects as well as an opportunity to improve decision-making skills.

Artificial Intelligence

The unreliable computer revolution: Embracing the double-edged sword of GenAI by Noz Urbina

Has the AI boom brought a revolution that comes solely with benefits, or do the drawbacks prevail? In his talk, Noz will show you how to embrace this double-edged sword by raising important questions like: How can businesses benefit from unreliable computers? And how can we help nudge them on the path of improved reliability when it's needed?

Supercharge your coding: Integrating ChatGPT and Copilot in long-term projects by Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa, Signant Health

If you're a developer eager to leverage AI in your software projects, save your seat. Mihaela-Roxana will discuss integrating ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot into your development processes, focusing on sustainability and long-term benefits. Dive into the world of AI-powered tools and improve productivity and code quality in your projects. Grab this chance to advance in AI-driven development.


For a detailed timeline, check out the full Conference Day schedule.


Get your Conference Day ticket

If you can only join us on Conference Day, you can purchase a one-day ticket allowing you access for that day. However, we highly recommend joining us for the entire conference from July 4th to 6th to fully experience the whole program and all the extras Web Summer Camp has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you at Conference Day!

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