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Upgrading PHP Applications

Anna Filina


Does upgrading a legacy application seem like a mammoth task? Do functions no longer accept the arguments the application gives them, return different values, or don't even exist anymore? Does testing the code or using a modern framework seem like an unattainable dream?

This presentation will walk you through an upgrade of an old and poorly designed application to the latest version of PHP. Together, we'll write tests for a seemingly untestable beast, discover and solve a myriad of version compatibility issues, introduce a framework, and refactor things along the way to make it easier to upgrade and maintain in the future.

By the end, you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to convert legacy applications into modern code which will make you happy to go to work.

Prerequisites and preparation

Participant shoud have:

  • Knowledge of PHP and OOP
  • At least a basic understanding of test automation

Pre-workshop preparations:

  • Install Docker
  • Install Git
  • Clone this repository:
  • From the cloned directory, run "docker-compose up". It will build and start your containers. Now you're ready for the workshop. Don't expect the app to run in the browser. It's broken on purpose.


Anna Filina

Anna Filina

Dev Consultant, Canada
Developer, mentor, author, and public speaker on a mission to help developers write automated tests and maintainable code. She mostly works with legacy apps that have millions of lines of code.

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