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AI in Content Management: From Hype to Reality

Ondrej Polesny

AI can generate the best content, proofread text, write code, and even conduct code reviews. AI is the best and will put us all out of our jobs.

Is this hype grounded in reality? Is AI truly helping people or are we just diverting our attention to becoming experts in prompt engineering which then consumes our hard-earned time? is the first and only headless CMS with native AI capabilities and we’re continuously learning, gaining valuable insights from implementing and evaluating our AI-powered features. However, the true essence lies not just within us as a vendor, but in the stories and experience of our clients, partners, and MVPs.

In this interactive session, let’s dive into the real-life narratives and practical insights. Bring your experience to the table, together, let’s explore the potential of AI in content management and see what the future holds.

Ondrej Polesny

Ondrej Polesny, Czechia
A tech enthusiast focused mostly on React and Vue-based tools who enjoys building the architecture app components. As a Dev Evangelist at, he stays connected with in-house and partner developers, which brings him closer to digital projects built with various tools.

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